Many businesses feel that they have an integrated marketing strategy in place, but oftentimes it’s not nearly as integrated as it should be. Today we are going to look at the top 5 ways your business may not be seeing success because of an unintegrated marketing strategy.

1.  Many businesses make the mistake of trying to create social media, web design, and local listings separately without being SEO-focused. It stands to reason that when you are SEO-focused, you are going to use SEO tactics to gain the best results. However, in doing this SEO tactic, you mix it with your marketing strategy – the same goes for the other SEO services including social media and local listings.

2. The marketing services that you use should not be separated from each other – marketing is an all-inclusive service, so using integration tactics for social media, web design, digital advertising, and local listings will give you the best results.

3. Many businesses think that marketing is only about creating a website – this is a huge myth. The marketing service you use should increase your local online listing presence, integrate keywords, increase your SEO rank, integrate SEO into the web design, and consistent social media posting, as well as the other marketing services that accompany these.

4. Your marketing company should have a complete eCommerce marketing program – if your business is commerce-focused, the marketing services will focus on attracting online traffic. However, this isn’t enough to get you results, so marketing firms need to help you with all the marketing services that come into play when creating an online store.

5. If a marketing company isn’t integration-focused, you won’t rank as well. The services that your marketing firm uses should include all marketing services including keywords, SEO rank, social media, local SEO rank website design, and local listings.

If your marketing strategy is not integrated, you are missing out on the results that you could be seeing. Each one of your marketing services has a specific role in your overall marketing strategy, so if your marketing is not integration-focused, your strategy could be missing out.


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